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Tiffany Ricks

Proven Leadership

Web Development

Complex Problem Solving

Analytical, innovative, and motivated web development professional with experience in customer service, team leadership, and organizational effectiveness in fast-paced and challenging environments. Adept at developing strategies and driving streamlined operations. Diverse analytical skills, team collaboration, and relationship building. Consummate professional, and motivated leader, with solid interpersonal abilities and complex problem-solving skills. Effective and proven track record of critical thinking, idea generation, and optimizing efficiencies.


Technical Skills|Full Stack Web Developer| HTML|CSS|Javascript|React|Next JS|PostgreSQL|Tailwind| Node JS| RESTAPI

Google Cloud|Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer (Pending)

Professional Experience


Web Developer & Web Master (2021 - 2022)

  • Ensured comprehensive mobile responsive UI layouts with understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Built, designed, and maintained all websites and software applications using Wordpress and PHP.
  • Planned and delivered platforms and products using Adobe XD for UX/UI implementation.
  • Developed and validated test routines to ensure the quality of the external and internal interface.
  • Made small edits requested by customers, developed plans for completing larger projects, and suggest solutions to improve existing websites.


Full Stack Web Developer (2019 - 2021)

  • Created well-designed and tested code using best practices for web development, including for responsive design and mobile display.
  • Created websites and interfaces using standard HTML/CSS practices, and incorporate data from back-end databases and services.
  • Develop or validate testing schedules that address all browsers and devices, ensuring web content can be accessed on any computer.
  • Ensure software stability via regression, support quality assurance, and perform unit and user-acceptance testing to identify bugs.
Other Professional Experience

UCHealth University of Colorado Hosptial |Aurora, CO

Certified Nurse Assistant (2014 – 2018)

  • Provided patient care by utilizing resources and materials and reporting observations of the patient to nursing supervisor.
  • Assisted nursing staff, such as LPNs and RNs, with medical tasks such as monitoring vital signs and reporting patient wellbeing.
  • Provided patient comfort by utilizing resources and materials; transporting patients; answering patients’ call lights and requests; and reporting observations of the patient to nursing supervisor.
  • Served and protected the hospital community by adhering to professional standards, hospital policies and procedures; federal, state, and local requirements; and jcaho standards.